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Why are handmade soaps more costly than supermarket soaps?


There are a few reasons that handmade soap will be a bit more pricey than your average commercial beauty bar.  One, most mass produced "soap" isn't actually soap at all, but a mixture of detergents and additives.  Our soaps and lotions are from the best ingredients which are 100% fresh and natural. As you know quality cost more. An example would be our self created Pine Olive oil which takes us a month to create. 



Frequently Asked Questions


Are your products all natural? What ingredients do you use?


Our products are between 95% and 100% natural.  You can find a complete list of ingredients on each products description and if you click here.  You can even see the creation process if you click here. We use the highest grade ingredients such as Organic coconut oil,  Organic oatmeal, and fresh honey from the best honey frams.  Many of our ingredients are local or purchased from small business owners in California.



Do you add moisturizers to your soaps?


The process of turning oils into soap also creates a natural glycerin, which is a moisturizing agent.  Commercial soap companies often remove this natural glycerin in order to sell it. Since the natural glycerin is retained, there is no need to add additional moisturizers.



How to Choose a Soap


Once customers try a great handmade soap and realize how much better it makes their skin feel, they don't go back to using commercial soap, but with so many scents and types, how do you pick the right one?  


1. You can choose a soap that helps your certain condition.

For example Dry Skin Soap with Goat Milk. 


2. You can decide which scent you like the most by reading the contents of the soap.


3. You can create a customized soap with your favourite ingredients

If you click here!


4. If you still can't decide ask us! :) 



Do you ship internationally?


Yes we do.




What if I feel uncomfortable providing my credit information online?


We understand! You can order through Paypal. Just contact us and let us know.